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We get it.  You are running a business and don’t have time or money to waste. You need practical outside counsel that helps you get the right result without undue disruption or expense. We know that you need to realistically assess the risks in any given situation, decide on an approach that suits your business objectives, and execute successfully. Usually fast. Frequently yesterday. Our team brings a uniquely business-savvy perspective and valuable insight borne of substantial in-house experience as well as a level of client service honed by years of building highly successful client relationships as outside counsel. Put simply, we treat our clients like we dreamed of being treated when we were in-house.


We deliver. Members of our team have led the charge on corporate and employment law aspects of some of the biggest mergers of their time and seen to successful integration once the deals were done. We’ve served as outside counsel handling all varieties of corporate matters and managed major dockets of litigation, helped clients dramatically reduce such claims before they are filed, handled administrative charges nationwide, dealt with boards and senior leadership in "bet the company" scenarios and been joined at the hip with in-house counsel, human resources professionals, and managers in the front lines. We’ve been the go-to resources on mission-critical and day-to-day issues as well as everything in between. We can help you anticipate the next big issue, identify opportunities, avoid unintended consequences, exceed expectations, and maintain the trust and confidence of your internal clients – something we know you worked hard to build.


We are nimble. We have the credentials but not the overhead or the bureaucracy. We work seamlessly and creatively to get the right resources at the table, using the right process, for the right price. It is truly a model that is designed to fit our clients’ needs in the most effective, efficient way possible. And we are brave about pricing because the need for control and predictability around costs are facts of life – yours and ours. We take budgets seriously. While our mission wasn’t to create the lowest cost alternative, a very positive benefit of our approach is that we can deliver the quality legal services you need in a better cost structure. We are in it for the long haul. We want to build a relationship with you and are excited to develop an approach to pricing that reflects that goal – simple, reliable fee arrangements, including alternative fee arrangements, backed by mutual trust, value, and sharing of risk.


Let’s talk. We would love to hear what you have going on and what you see as trends, primary challenges and next issues. We always want to learn more about your business. We want to help you in your mission to add value. And when you are ready, let’s talk about how we can help your team. 


4200 Montrose Blvd., Suite 300

Houston, TX 77006
Main:  713-688-6789



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